How to Find Reliable Used Car Dealerships

When shopping for a used car the best place to look is a dealership. Dealerships are far more reliable than independent sellers, and they have added perks. Many will sell you a warranty along with your car, something that provides free automotive service for an extended period of time. Others will offer incentives that reduce price, take down interest payments, or even take some of the cost off the top. Used dealers also take trade-ins which provides extra income for purchasing a new vehicle. They can also be as unscrupulous and underhanded as an independent seller. The trick is to find legitimate dealers that offer honest service. It is actually a lot easier than most realize.


The best way to vet an auto dealer is by what other consumers say about them. First off you need to find one that suits your needs. Most people shopping for a used car already know what they want. A simple internet search will provide you good places to look. So, enter in used Lexus gs 350 new york ny, and see who around you might be carrying one. Once you have found that dealership check its ratings and reviews. Happy customers rave about service, about the car they purchased, about the whole experience altogether. Dissatisfied consumers will rant about poor quality, vehicle problems, and will rue the day they set foot on the lot. Such resources will provide you everything you need to know in making your selection.

Compare Prices

Used car dealerships are great for haggling purposes. They want to get their cars off the lot and they will work all kinds of deals to make that happen. One way you can take advantage of this is by providing some figures to compare with. It is always good to find at least three good dealerships that carry your car. Each will have a different price, and if one’s price is cheaper you can use that to haggle with the other two. It is also a good idea to know how much the car is actually worth. Kelley Blue Book is a great place to look. You can use it to determine the actual value of the car you are purchasing, as well as the one you may be trading in. This allows you to further haggle if the vehicle is priced higher, or if the dealership offers to buy yours at a price lower than its worth.

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Meet the Sellers

Walking the lot, test driving the car, and talking to the dealership are the next steps. They also further vet the seller. If a dealership is too pushy, does not want to provide you with the car’s information, or has a questionable feel run away. Reliable sellers will prove themselves in person. They will work with you, sound legit, give you what you need, and even recommend cheaper options. A dealer offering you a more expensive equivalent is just trying to make money. One who will give you an equivalent matching your budget also cares about your interests.