How to Maintain a Safety Margin When Driving in Fog

There is no doubt that driving in foggy weather is particularly challenging, with the visibility greatly reduced the chances of having an accident certainly increases, especially as not all drivers drive in a way appropriate to the prevailing conditions.
If at all possible your trip should be postponed until the fog has lifted. However, should you need to take your car out on the road there are some tips that can make your excursion safer.
Having a vehicle that is in good working order will be invaluable to your journey. The windscreen should be clean and the lights must be functioning properly. This should include the fog lights on your car. If you have less than 100 metres visibility you will want to engage your fog lights. This not only enables you to see better, but other vehicles will be aware of your presence as well. The use of your regular lights will be of no benefit to you at this time. They actually reflect the fog and limit your visibility even more.
One of the main hazards that occurs when there is foggy weather is that cars tend to follow each other a little too close. It may be from a sense of security that they are not the only car on the road or they may just be driving too fast for the conditions. There is also the possibility that they think they can escape the fog sooner if they go faster. Any of these scenarios can contribute to major accidents. It is very important that you keep your speed under control so that in the event of a sudden stop you are able to have enough space between your car and the one in front of you.
The air temperature cooling lower than the dew point brings about the fog. You will find that many conditions affect the density of the fog. They can be made up of atmospheric circumstances or the terrain.
Typical times and places to expect fog are normally on cold winter mornings in low lying ground, valleys or significant dips. Because the fog can change thickness and in turn reduce visibility very quickly, you will constantly need to reassess the conditions and tailor your driving accordingly.
Once visibility improves to over 100 metres you will need to turn your fog lamps off. It is a driving law, and more other drivers could be distracted by the lamps. If you have rear fog lights you will need to turn them off, as they could be construed as your brake lights.
While foggy weather does present more difficult driving conditions, practicing safe driving techniques can help you and others arrive safely at your destination.

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