Start Batteries vs Deep-Cycle Batteries 

A car battery can seem like the least important part of a car, but in reality, it is a very important part of vehicle that has a lot of functions that many may not understand. Today the difference between a starter battery and a deep cycle battery will be explained to ensure individuals understand what type of battery their car may take. Starting off with a starter battery which is the most familiar is great for what it is meant to do. Furthermore, starter batteries will send a large burst of power to the engine to get it going, but these batteries only are meant to release this power for a short amount of time. After, these types of batteries release energy to the car and get it started the alternator is what actually keeps the car running by recharging the battery doing the continuous work. These batteries are not meant to be recharged a lot due to how they are built recharging these batteries a lot can lead to a short life span for that battery. Next, deep-cycle batteries are designed completely different from starter batteries. Deep-Cycle batteries are meant to send out a steady amount of power over a long period of time different from the short burst starter batteries. A cool feature that these batteries have is that they can be charged and discharged repeatedly without shortening the life span of that battery. These batteries are usually not meant for starting a car, but some do so individuals must check the details on the deep-cycle battery they may have. If any individual want to find more information on battery in for example Wollongong, they should Google the following: batteries wollongong to make sure they can find the right information for their area.

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Battery Life and Battery Performance

Batteries have overtime shortened their life span due to them being used a lot more because of new technology that needs power from an electrical source. Currently, only 30% of batteries actual make it to their two-year warranty quota due to many different factors. On main factor as to why batteries tend to stop working so soon is due to build up covering a battery’s plates. This can easily end a battery’s life span long before it is meant to. Environmental factors can also damage a battery like if it is too hot and a car is sitting in the hot weather the battery will discharge eventually blocking the plates if not properly shaded or protected from the heat. Furthermore, if it is too cold batteries can also stop working if the battery is discharged enough from the cold they can eventually freeze completely never being able to work again. Furthermore, another thing to watch out for on a battery is if the battery is suffering from parasitic drain, which is when the car’s electrical devices are draining the battery too swiftly causing the battery to stay low or to die altogether. There are different devices that can help prevent this problem one example is a priority start switch that does not allow the battery to be drained of all of its power from these automotive devices.