The New Porsche 911 Turbo S

The German automobile organization, Porsche Automobil Holding SE, Stuttgart, which builds the Porsche 911 Turbo S automobile has a captivating past. The original organization was started in 1931 and was primarily interested in automobile development work. Their original designs were for the Volkswagen Beetle.
During year 1939, the original Porsche sports automobile was developed by incorporating 64 road tested Volkswagen Beetle parts. The concept of this legendary brand was profoundly similar to the VW Beetle in that it was an air-cooled rear-engine sports car. The brand became a favorite in racing and rally circles. Each model of this automobile has been given 3 numbers. At the current time, the new racing model is the 911. There are more economical models described as the 912.
Today’s 911 bears only a resemblance to the original models in the design of a rear-engine and some fundamental styles of the first model, but all the rest is of a new design. This car is the 1st new Turbo S model in over five years and has 530 hp. It’s available in the US in both cabriolet and coupe form. Both an open-air and a fixed-roof versions are available in both models with a cost over a hundred Grand each. This does not include shipping. This car can attain a speed of sixty-two miles per hour in only 4 seconds and has an amazing allowance of twenty-four miles per gallon on the highway which is the same as the base Turbo’s 500 horsepower powerplant. Top speed has been measured as a hundred & ninety-six miles per hour. It is equipped with specially designed wheels, a 7-speed PDK and is built with chrome design wheels of 19 inch diameter feature center lock wheel nuts offering extra security desired when 516 foot-pounds of torque is applied. This torque is provided by a 7-speed PDK dual clutch optional gearbox. It also offers a torque vectoring system which renders unrivaled vehicle stability in turns. This gives the driver with full control while enjoying the quiet and speed of the engine.
These Porsche cars for sale became available in May and has earned enthusiastic reviews. There are a number of exciting colors available for this two-door car. Extra special safety features have been incorporated to protect both the front seat and rear seat passengers. It has a total of six air bags plus a highly developed rollover protection behind the rear seats. The windshield and rollover protection are also strengthened using steel tubing.
The brake component of the Porsche 911 is remarkable in its high-performance. It is available as a 6 cylinder fixed brake caliper or a Porsche ceramic brake. This makes it practical to bring the car to a rapid stop when needed. Another outstanding feature of this remarkable vehicle is the design of the cabriolet model’s top. The soft top is light weight and consists of three layers. It can be opened or closed, automatically, in about twenty seconds. This does away with the past problem of waiting for the top to slowly close or open. In general, the new Porsche 911 is a remarkable auto which sets the standard for all fine sports cars of the future.

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